Terminal History

Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport's terminal was designed by Odell Associates and was intended to replace an old terminal demolished in 2005. The cost of the construction was 25 million dollars. Terminal has a shape of letter Y. The terminal was built in a way that allows for future expansion if needed. In October 1990, Albert Paley installed a sculpture Aurora outside of the terminal.

Terminal services

As Roanoke-Blacksburg Airport's administration claims, the airport terminal does it best to make travelers' experience as comfortable as it can get. To achieve that, the terminal facility is providing different services, such as free WI-FI, restrooms, cafes and shops, and many more. The first floor of the terminal is occupied by check-in and baggage claim areas, taxi and car-rental counters, and TSA security checkpoints. To get to the second floor, travelers can use the elevator. On the second floor, there are six gates, a cafe, and a newsstand. Small work desks are also available on the second floor of the building, with charging stations nearby.